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Chris Plietz is a pianist living in New York City. Originally from the great state of NJ, he studied music at the University of Virginia before moving back north. Although most of his focus has been on the piano, he also plays the hammond organ and other keyboard-based instruments (rhodes, wurlitzer, clavinet, synthesizers, etc). He currently plays in two bands: alternative piano rock trio, Stronger than Sum, and progressive funk band, The Phryg. He also plays with the cover/wedding band, Bring On The Night, and freelances around the city. He has played with Travis Nilan & The List, Rachel Zevita, and Carleigh Jade, among others. He is formerly of the band, The Blackout Project.

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The purpose of this site will be to document my growth as a player, improvisor, songwriter, and singer over the next however many years I use it. I intend to post songs I’ve written, piano & organ covers I’ve arranged, and samples of improvisations when I just feel the need to sit down on the piano and see what comes out. Most of the material on here will be raw, roughly mixed, and unpolished. I’m more concerned about capturing the realness of the performance then producing a flawlessly sounding representation of my idea. When the time comes to be in the studio, that’s a different story – but in the meantime, my apartment will suffice. Thank you for reading & listening. Feel free to give me feedback at any point.  -Chris

UPDATE: Although I occasionally will update this site with new improvisations or compositions, most of my time composing is now being put towards my band, Stronger Than Sum. Information on the band, including our music, can be found at Thanks!  -Chris

*Photo on this page was taken by Yulia Yurasova